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What I learn from my Sewing Class Students

well, it’s been a short time since I have started MIA FASHI studios and Miami sewing classes but it has been an eyeopening experience!  I must say that there is a dire need for my services here in southwest Miami Dade county!  Many people from all walks of life are looking to pick up sewing skills and that leads to wanted to experience more!  In many cases it has led to exploring pattern making for clothes and accessories!

I have found that many persons already own sewing machines but don’t know how to use them so I will teach the student on their machine, in some cases they don’t know what to buy so they work on my machines. Brother is the brand I currently am endorsing for a home sewer. I have had moms, teens, adolescents, young men and couples all come to learn

It has been said that to be a teach is also to be the student!  That is so true!  I have been blessed to have some fabulous students that share their lives and experiences with me. Our journey together gives us both the opportunity to learn new trick and skills and to make new friends. I am always amazed by the creativity and multi talents of those I meet and teach.



Notes From A Fashion Diva & A Garment Goddess…

I’m Jill Odermann, head instructor and owner of Miami Fashion Classes @ Mia Fashi Studios in Miami. Starting this business and web page heralds a turning point in my personal life and my professional path! I’d like to share my tale and passion for fashion with you the other fashion divas in Miami and the world. First, a little about my background:

The creative process of clothing design, embellishment and creation started at an early age. It seems I was draping clothes and sewing them on my dolls so young, I only can say I did it as my Mom saved them all!

As soon as I was old enough to learn the sewing machine, I also learned knitting and embroidery techniques and used them all together to copy the fashions I saw on the pop Icons of the day to state my own outrageous style statement .

This lead to writing and illustrating the fashion column for the my high school newspaper. While enrolled in advanced art classes, and started entering original pieces to jewelry shows where I won awards for my designs. I started receiving and accepting invitations from prestigious art camps where I explored spinning, weaving and natural dyes.

While working my way through fashion school In Chicago I worked at one of the largest fabric stores in the  Midwest ( Vogue Fabrics), learning volumes about sewing and creating looks for the home while I also freelanced as a costume designer for entertainers of all sorts. That ultimately acted as a spring board for me to my first job as a recital and dance wear costume designer.

That opportunity allowed me free reign creativity by designing, pattern making, sourcing,  costing, working with the factory and assisting in creative direction on catalog photo shoots as well as designing the entire 85 page color catalog , copy writing and selecting the shots.  I had a lot of fun in this job and was allowed to be super creative!  But alas, life stepped in and booted me to the “big leagues” as it were…

The next ten years found me working for fortune 500 companies namely The May Company and the now defunct, Eddie Bauer. I was also fortunate to be able to participate in bring to market a  private labels like Valerie Stevens  from conception to finished production. This is how I learned to trouble shoot at the factory level  and be involved with meeting compliance standards and monitoring quality assurance.

As that episode of my life ran it’s course, I found myself looking within and was a bit unsure of the future. At this point fate stepped in causing be to accept the belief that when one door begins closing, another is opening. One just has to pay attention.

Fate had a hand in my becoming an instructor at Miami International University of Art & Design for the past five years, and it was kismet manifesting once again compelling me to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with those of you who share my passion!

I know without a doubt that my techniques and knowledge will inspire and more importantly help each of you to let your Inner Fashion Diva shine!!!