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What I learn from my Sewing Class Students

well, it’s been a short time since I have started MIA FASHI studios and Miami sewing classes but it has been an eyeopening experience!  I must say that there is a dire need for my services here in southwest Miami Dade county!  Many people from all walks of life are looking to pick up sewing skills and that leads to wanted to experience more!  In many cases it has led to exploring pattern making for clothes and accessories!

I have found that many persons already own sewing machines but don’t know how to use them so I will teach the student on their machine, in some cases they don’t know what to buy so they work on my machines. Brother is the brand I currently am endorsing for a home sewer. I have had moms, teens, adolescents, young men and couples all come to learn

It has been said that to be a teach is also to be the student!  That is so true!  I have been blessed to have some fabulous students that share their lives and experiences with me. Our journey together gives us both the opportunity to learn new trick and skills and to make new friends. I am always amazed by the creativity and multi talents of those I meet and teach.



Fashion Design Divas Sewing it into Your Own Design

custom dress
custom dress

So you may be wondering, why should I learn to sew?  There are so many readily available and cheap clothes today and you love to shop? Well sewing is not just for your grandmother anymore. It gives today’s girl a new twist on an old skill to creatively express herself & give a great degree of satisfaction that it is her effort and passion to show the world her own unique style.  Besides just fashion there is also a whole world of sewing that can be used to create purses, accessories, and a bevy of things for your decorating heart and home.

Being the fashionista that you are, of course you have kept up with the latest trends, your favorite celebs and what they are wearing. Hopefully you even keep a scrapbook of your favorite styles, looks and designers to use as a shopping dream book or even better: to be you inspirations for your own looks. This book can also serve as a “tearsheet” to use as a short cut to be able to draw out your designs with out having to be a great artist.   You may even be like me and get lost for hours looking at fashion shows on You Tube and So now that you have chosen a pattern at the store that is somewhat close to your dream look and brought it all home.. now what?

You may find that the style on the cover of the pattern isn’t  exactly what you wanted. Maybe you want it a little shorter, a little longer, a little looser or a little tighter or a short sleeve vs. a long sleeve. These are all easy fixes!  Somethings the neckline can also be an easy change. You will find that many time, what you see in the media, is fairly easy to replicate with a little creativity and style savvy. Miraculously inside that little envelope are instructions for everything you need. Even how to make some of the adjustments I just mentioned.  I’m not going into minute detail here, suffice it to say that you need to read it completely, go slow  and follow instructions.  If you make a mistake in cutting, there is not a lot you can do to fix it. I will tell you the most important things to watch out for.

  • Check your key measurements against the pattern pieces.
  • If you need to make personal adjustments to match your measurements make all change BEFORE pinning down your pattern.
  • If you make changes to pattern remember that the shoulders, side seams must match in length to sew together . Inseams and out seams must match in length and curve. Sleeve underarms must match in length.
  • Be sure you are on the correct grain and even on that grain with your pattern pieces
  • Transfer all markings to the wrong side of your fabric BEFORE you unpin it. use a tracing wheel and transfer paper
  • Clip in 1/4″ at those little triangles vs. cutting around them. You notches are your road map to construction
  • If you wrong side and right side look very similar, mark the wrong side with chalk or wax to know the difference.

So now you are on your way. So wind your bobbins, plug in the steam Iron and get ready to create!!