Pattern Making

Pattern Making and draping 1

  • review tools and use
  • First principle of flat pattern- dart manipulation
  • Principle of draping- compare
  • Make block patterns of bodice , skirt and sleeve
  • Create basic sizes or custom to you
  • Sew them up and fit

. five 2 hour sessions-
$250.00+ materials & tools

Pattern Making & Draping II
(pre-requisite: Pattern Making & Draping – I

  • explore 2nd principle of flat-adding fullness
  • Develop original design using blocks
  • Develop additional style ie princess or torso as needed
  • Pattern your own design

five 2 hour classes  $250 plus materials

Pattern  – Pants

  • Explore basic four silhouettes for pants
  • Develop your own standard size or costume pant block(s)
  • Sew sample and learn to fit and make corrections
  • Develop your own design

four 2.5 hour classes  $250 plus materials

Knock off your favorite styles

  • Learn to copy your favorite designs from an existing garment without taking it apart
  • Develop the flat pattern also using draping
  • Cut and sew together and fit and compare

five 2  hour classes $250. plus materials



  • Need help finishing a project
  • Not sure how to make that pattern piece
  • Need a refresh on marking, seam allowances and curves?

2  hours per class


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