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Learn Fashion Design Now in Miami

Many of we teachers of fashion and lifetime garmentos have seen that there is a real need in South Florida for an alternate training venue for sewing, fashion design, pattern making, swimwear and general vocational classes for aspiring designers and apparel professionals

Because of this, you will be seeing new programs creep up in Miami and I am happy to say that I will be involved with two of them.  Now I would like to tell you about a new and improved program for Miami Fashion Classes .com and Mia Fashi Design studio.   I will continue to serve the lay person and casual students but I am excited to tell you that I will also be adding  classes designed to be taken in modules and geared to persons who sincerely desire knowledge about the industry, starting their own line, understanding production, and to train for other jobs in the industry. These classes are designed to be the” first generation” in what I hope will eventually become and alternate training facility or school.

Currently there are only two and four year commitments available to students and although these are accredited institutions, they are very expensive and many students have shared with me that they are overcrowded and they come out with big debt and low understanding of what there were supposed to be learning.  With more closely supervised instructions, it is my feeling that students can move quickly once their special method of learning is met and nurtured.  Yes, this had to happen in small classes, but there is a beauty in that. One can move along more quickly while honing their vision and dream for a future in fashion and apparel business.

Please watch for new updates on my webpage and blog and I hope to meet many of you fashionistas in the future.