Beginning Designers Q & A

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Can I learn to sew and design if i have never sewed before?

Yes, we will teach you the very beginner basic. If you already have portable machine you are welcomed to bring it with you and we will instruct you on it’s care and use, or you can use our machines at Mia Fashi Studios.

Do I need a lot of expensive materials and how do I know what to buy ?

There is an initial investment in any hobby, craft or avocation. You will need to buy a few things to start out with but many of them you will accumulate as your progress moves forward. For sewing you will need  something to hold your supplies. Tackle boxes and craft boxes work great. Inside you will have:

  • Pincushion and straight pins
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Black, white and beige threads
  • A nippers to use at the machine
  • Beeswax for hand sewing
  • Tape measure
  • fabric scissors and a paper scissors
  • Tracing wheel
  • a Binder or note book for notes and hand outs

These as well as patterns are all available at your local fabric store and coming soon we will have some “kits” that you can purchase from us to get you started.  As you progress, you will discover other materials that you may need.

Can I learn pattern making with out knowing how to sew?

It is necessary that you have basic sewing skills to be able to sew together for your fit shells from pattern making.  Start with Sewing  if you are a true novice.

Is it easier to just change around a commercial pattern vs. making a pattern from scratch?

It has been our experience that you need to understand basic pattern making and fitting principles before you can understand how to adjust someone else’s pattern.

Yes, lengthening, shortening is simple and sometime just taking  in the side seams are simple however more complicated fit issues like small shoulders, wide hips, hollow backs, sloped shoulders, heavy arms, all  effect more than one point and take a clearer understanding of pattern basics to achieve.

How long does it take to learn how to sew or to make a pattern?

Everyone learns at a different pace and the more you already know the faster you should be able to learn new skills. You should be able to sew a simple top in your first class!

Pattern making takes a little longer as it is more complicated. depending on the method you use you should be able to start constructing your first original simple garment after 6-12 weeks of instruction depending on how much time you work with it away from class.

Do I have to be an artist to be able to draw so I can illustrate my designs?

No you do not have to be an artist. we will help you and give you easy instruction and shortcuts to be able to get your ideas on paper!