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Sewing Classes

Sewing  classes are held seven days a week with morning, afternoon or evenings available. Not only do we offer package classes but we NOW offer single classes in many topics  in case you need just a little help with your latest sewing creation!  We are here to help you !  Find single classes listed at the bottom of the page.

Sewing 1:

Sewing machine operation and troubleshooting, in’s and out’s of commercial pattern, layout and marking, core sewing  techniques complete a simple project you can wear like a top or easy dress.   Learn French seam, binding, darts

Four 2.5 hour classes

$220.00 + materials & tools

Sewing 2:

Learn more advanced sewing  techniques: zippers, collars, waistbands. Create a shirt, a pant , Dress or skirt with your own custom details

Learn basic construction sequencing for your original designs.

four – 2.5 hour classes

$220.00 + materials & tools


Sewing Accessories and Bags

Learn to make tote bags, satchels, neck purses, scarves and belts using a variety of materials from cotton to leather.  Make brilliant choices in hardware, tassels and giving your creation that special value touch. Work on industrial and light weight machines depending on project

Four 2.5 hour classes

$220+ materials and tools


Sewing  stretch fabrics 1

  • Types of knit fabrication and fibers
  • Knit stitches and finishes
  • Knit wear machinery- serger and coverstitch
  • Sewing a tee shirt and or dress

4 – 2.5 hour sessions by appointment
$220.00 + materials & tools

Sewing  Swimwear

  • Focus on one piece maillot or bikini
  •  elastic setting
  • Learn to use serger and cover stitch machines

four 2.5 hour classes

$220.00 Plus materials.


  • Learn tailoring techniques for jackets & Shirts
  • Learn to sew basic alterations

4 weeks – two 1/2 hour sessions
$220.00 + materials & tools


Choose from:

  • Machine Class
  • Marking and cutting
  • Sewing technique
  • Fitting
Each class is 2.5 hours  $60.00

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